About RowClock

RowClock is designed for Rowing Clubs to help time Rowing Head Races.

This website and application has been written by a keen rower, who has been involved firsthand the issues involved in the large amount of work required to run a rowing race, and also faced the frustations of slowly produced or inaccurate results.

This is an attempt to solve both problems, in a cheap and easy way, hopefully making the whole experience a bit better for everyone involved.

The design of this is intended to keep costs down, whilst attempting to provide all the functionality required. That said, it's not meant to be a premium service which can cope with specialized idiosyncrasies individual clubs have.

Currently the only mobile platform supported for the app is Andriod, which is down to cost. If enough clubs start using the service this may be extended to include iOS (Apple) products as well.

This is entirely created, owned and run by Ben Redman.